How to wind up views on YouTube

How to wind up views on YouTube

The term «cheat» itself, and not «promotion», implies an artificial set of views on the channel. YouTube suppresses such cheating in every possible way, can lower the rating or simply ban, depending on the cheating method.

Some of the methods are relevant for the initial set of views on a new channel, or for a set of some next threshold in the number of views. But often, the YouTube algorithm recognizes such cheating even without a ban, and simply does not count views. You can pay for youtube watch hours on

Free methods of boosting views

There are few of these methods, and they are not effective:

  • Setting the browser to automatically update after a certain time. But YouTube can recognize views from one device and not count them.
  • The blogger places a disguised link or pop-up on a third-party site. Such cheats are also recognized and not counted.
  • People unite on a service or forum and watch each other’s videos by barter. This method is not prohibited, but it is time consuming and not very effective.

Paid methods of boosting views

There are many such methods, according to the number of services that such cheats offer.

They give a lot of views, but they are not always effective. Cheat using bots and programs. This method can even give a large number of views, but in the end it will lead to a ban of the first video, and then the channel.

In the best case, the channel will lose its monetization forever. Services of paid tasks. There are many such services, and they have one common principle.

Performers are registered on the services to perform small one-time tasks, surf sites and watch videos for a meager fee. Such services are also called «boxes».

These are Seo fast, Profi Center, Aviso, cashbox, and many others.

A blogger registers with such services as an advertiser, and for a small fee places his video as an advertisement for paid views or downloads. Typically, views are ordered from five seconds to five or even ten minutes, depending on the price per impression.

The duration of the advertised video does not have to coincide with the time it was viewed. The higher the price per view, the more often the video will be viewed. The number of views depends on budgets, and can reach hundreds of impressions per day.

Views on such services are not prohibited, but the YouTube algorithm may not count many views according to its criteria. For example, when a performer turns off the sound while watching.

The contractor can also unsubscribe later from the channel, if ordered. This means that part of the money for advertising will go to waste, and this will work to lower the channel’s rating.

The advantage of such views is that they are real people from different addresses.

The downside is that it is not a targeted random audience, which will no longer be on the channel, which will not work to promote the channel.

As a result, we can say that some of the methods of artificially cheating views are legal, and will give a temporary, even large, increase in the number of views, but most of these views will not be counted by YouTube and will not increase the channel’s rating.

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